Cow Grazing Field Kurima Machinery

Our Story

At Kurima our mission and goal are to provide farmers with affordable and reliable solutions to improve productivity and ultimately their standard of living. At Kurima we draw from the vast experience of our sister company Marina Machineries Ltd,  in Kenya,  East Africa,  and replicate this highly successful model in Zimbabwe.

Our goals with the company here in Zimbabwe are as follows:


Kurima Machinery and Technology will provide its clients with a broad range of affordable, quality agricultural machinery. All our products will be backed up by warranties and servicing plans. Regular training courses and workshops on how to operate and maintain the machines will also be provided.


Kurima’s product range consists of 4 wheel tractors, 2 wheel walking tractors, combine harvesters, milking machines, grinding mills, maize shellers and chaff-cutters covering a very broad range of the entire agricultural sector.

Combine Harvesters Kurima Machinery
Farming Field Kurima Machinery

The ethos of Kurima is centred around mechanising the agricultural industry in Zimbabwe and re-establishing the region back into being the breadbasket of Africa. As such, the company aims to establish partnerships with existing organisations, microfinancing companies as well as NGOs, enabling better accessibility to such machines across Zimbabwe.


Making our machines accessible and training people in the proper use, maintenance and operation will allow Kurima Machinery and Technology to play a key role in re-establishing Zimbabwe into an agricultural powerhouse.

Women working in field