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A wide range of affordable equipment to help farmers mechanise, increasing production and income.
Kurima Machinery Farm Tractor

At Kurima, our mission and goal are to provide African farmers with affordable and reliable solutions to improve productivity and ultimately their standard of living. We draw from the vast experience of our sister company, Marina Machineries Ltd, in Kenya, East Africa, and replicate this highly successful model in Zimbabwe.


Kurima continues the long-standing tradition of providing extremely robust, reliable and trouble-free machinery at a very low cost to suit the small and medium scale farmers or entrepreneurs needs and requirements.


The moment Kurima machines become operational, they instantly add value, create employment (mainly women and youth), contribute to food security, drastically increase efficiency, and most of all uplift entire families and communities towards prosperity and financial security.


This approach to our work is our ethos. We believe we can only grow together,  and this can only be achieved through the creation of long-term trust and goodwill,  which is what we at Kurima are all about.

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Model JD-81 JD-12 JD-15 JD-18
Overall Dimension (LxWxH)(mm) 2180x890x1250 2680x890x1250 2180x890x1250 2180x890x1250
Wheel Tread 650,730 580,640,740,800 580,640,740,800 580,640,740,800
Tyres 5.0-12 | 6.0-12 6.0-12 6.0-12 6.0-12
Ground Clearance(mm) 204 | 234 182 182 182
Construction Weight(mm) 155 350 | 360 350 375
Construction Weight(mm) 155 350 | 360 350 375
Speed(km/h) Forward 2.09/3.45/5.51/7.01/11.58/18.51 | 2.31/3.82/6.11/7.77/12.828/20.51 1.4/2.5/4.1/5.3/9/15.3 1.54/2.75/4.51/5.83/10.34/16.83 1.54/2.75/4.51/5.83/10.34/16.83
Speed(km/h) Reverse 3.40/111.43 | 3.77/12.66 1.0/3.8 1.2/4.18 1.2/4.18
Rotary Tiller Speed(rpm) High 293 256 275 275
Rotary Tiller Speed(rpm) Low 293 188 219 219
Engine Model R180 | R180NL S195 | S195N S1100 | S1100N ZH1105
Rated Power/Speed(kw(hp)/rpm) 5.88(8)/2600 8.82(12)/2000 11.76(16)/2200 13.24(18)/2200